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Generator Sets 5kva to 2500kva

Weatherproof and Acoustic Canopies and Containers

The fully weatherproof sound attenuated enclosures combine the expertise of specialist acoustic engineers and extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of specialised packaged generators suitable to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, in both sensitive and none sensitive  noise applications around the world.

We can manufacture bespoke enclosures designed to the client’s specific requirements, whether it’s the Arctic or the Sahara Desert our units are always fit for purpose.

Our canopy design suits units up to 1000kva, and above this range due to shipping size restrictions we use modified ISO containers.


Weatherproof Canopy/Containers

A compact weatherproof canopy can be provided enabling all units to be operated in outdoor locations without the need for noise protection. Access doors make maintenance easy.For larger units we also offer weatherproof containers as per the units below which also was fitted with dust filters.

Sound Canopy/Shields

Weatherproof Sound attenuated canopies are available on all PowerCo generating sets, significantly reducing noise levels emitted to comply with EC directives. Super sound Canpies are also available reducing emitted noise below EC directives, and in very noise sensative area's such as Hopitals we offer 65dba @ 1mtr sound attenuated canopies, as per the unit shown below.


PowerCo containerised units are designed for swift on-site power or for more perminent installations where there is not enough room inside the building to install the unit. Fully weather protected and noise reduced if required. Units can be installed with the minimum of on-site preparation and work. Easy access is provided for operations and maintenance.

Available Features:
-Personnel Access doors on either side of the unit with stainless steel catches and hinges and internal panic release latches
-Exterior recessed emergency stop push buttons.
-Containers are manufactured in line with Lloyds shipping requirements therefore suitable for shipping using conventional lines.
-Metal sprayed silencers mounted on the roof on the containers which gives a long lasting rust resistance coating.
-Fuel lines and fluid drains connected to outer wall for use with remote tank.
-Internal fuel tanks with external fuel fill point
-Aluminium cable entry points through the side of bottom of the enclosure
-Electrics; fluorescent lights, 3hr maintenance emergency lighting, wall switches, 5 way consumer unit, wall mounting heaters, wired in steel galvanised conduit.